Saturday, July 12, 2008

Grandma - with a kick

Now I am a Grandma! = that being said I have not put my hair into a bun or gotten a floral print dress, I did buy a stroller to keep at my place(Ok, the kids are living here while they finish school) but I have not checked my sensibilities at the door - if anything they are stronger now than before - I have two generations to be wary for; the condition of the Nation is not something I can ignore. We have kept rewarding behavior that is detrimental to our country and harmful to our citizens - we might call ourselves a nanny state but we are not a good nanny.  We were a nation of strong, free peoples, possessed of a sober mindset, anxious to engage our talents and work towards a better future for ourselves and our family.  Our priorities were in order - and being selfish and absolute personal freedom and happiness were not our paramount goal.  The "ME" generation shattered all that - tossing out lots of good habits with a few bad ones.  I am very tired of the whining that goes on  - in every facet of American life, a little griping about this and that, but everything is now a disaster, a federal case and no one stands up to do what is required of them by themselves, they wait the disaster declaration or the arrival of FEMA so they can complain more.  BUCK UP CITIZENS - each of us each day either makes this place a good one to be - or complains!
I am going to choose to see the best in my surroundings - and do my best to "tidy up" where I can.