Thursday, April 29, 2010

Once Upon a Snowy April Sunday!

I can't believe how much the sky today looks like it did 26 years ago - but it's a lot warmer. April 29th 1984 was the day I began my real life with my real love! What began as total confusion as to who was Frank and who was Steve, to friendship, to love, to letting go as he went off to France for a year,to wonderful letters and a courtship via snail mail! a proposal in Paris! Service in the USAF, 2 darling children,a daughter-in-law, a grandson, a house, 12+ exchange student children, 3 political campaigns,
moves, trips, dinners, laughter and loads and loads and loads of love
Thanks Honey
I can't wait to see what the next 26 years bring.
Your Red Head!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Birthday Wishes and Realities

I'm older - yes for all of us above ground and breathing - that happens every day. On the day I mark another rotation of the sun. I got one of my Birthday wishes - I got to be inspired and receive the gift of hope. I attended the Sarah Palin- Michelle Bachman Rally in Minneapolis. I's been quite a ride the past few days, the dismantling of NASA, the looming dread of April 15th make my special day a little nerve racking. The words on that stage re-kindled my faith in Americans. I learned there was a name for the spirit I assumed we all got from our ancestors - who jumped onto rickety contraptions, without radio, internet, GPS - and sailed across dark cold waters, away from every comfort,every convention, family, friends, heck even favorite foods - Just for the chance at a freer, new start in a place where you were allowed, even encouraged to do, go , be as much as you could. The name I learned in school was American Exceptionalisim. We are made up of those with the guts! to go. No old world con-strictures on your future. If your dad was the local cobbler, you weren't forced to follow - you might be a baker, a doctor,- Lincoln was a self taught man, from the cabin (I've been to Salem, IL !) to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. I wish for someone who has sat at the kitchen table with the checkbook and bills, who drives the highways THEMSELVES, to take the reins of our country. Hearing first from our Governor, the only other man who had gotten down on bended knee (asking for my vote! for Pete's sake at the state convention) before me. He reminded me of how far we have come. Sarah Palin reminded me of the basic wisdom and how important it is for every "one" to serve in government - not just those who attended law school and have been groomed since birth It is our citizenship at stake these days - the country I grew to love is growing strange to me.