Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Musings on a sunny December day

Greetings from fa  Lala land    It's been a while since I've written and it feels good to pick up the pen or the pixel once again.  I travel back-and-forth across the US went back to work and now find myself living in literally the happy.   My neighborhood here in sunny Los Angeles is literally called the happy .  It doesn't have an English name however it's a Spanish name Los Feliz.   Life has certainly had its ups and downs one of the great things about living here in California is getting to meet so many interesting people .  People and authors I've known on the web, are now names and faces.   LA is the land of the déjà vu face .   I just get used to the fact that yeah I know you from somewhere and I'm not gonna bother trying to figure that out .  They earn their privacy as much as  we crave ours.  So the events here in California have had me thinking I just wanted to wish everyone peace of the season.  Anyone who believes that their beliefs are so all encompassing that they must stamp out and trampled all this agreement needs to take a deep breath .  If you are here in the United States you must understand we are a nation of many and out of the many we become one nation that does not mean we have one way of thinking or one way of acting.   We are united in our belief that everyone here every citizen has the right to think and believe as their heart chooses.  And just as much as they may share their choice.  It is every since citizens right to decline to share that choice as well. That's what makes me glad to be an American and that's why I put on the uniform to protect that right so many years ago