Wednesday, May 28, 2008

When you wish upon a star - or work really hard.....

your dreams can come true.  I just learned that a friend of mine has received a book contract, so now I don't want to disturb the "working author"  I'm to the point in life where my daydreams are being changed and shaped.  I wouldn't mind being an "AUTHOR" but I know that I need a big visit from a muse, and here is quite enough for me at the moment.  Here on the home-front we just adjusted the living spaces to accommodate the newest arrival - my son's fiancee and soon my first grand-baby will arrive in July as long as all goes well.  That is just one of the moderators of my dreams.  I've tried not to be a parent living via my children, just seeing them have opportunities and chances.  Sometimes seeing your child achieve a dream is as big as your own dream - as long as it is wholly their dream.  One of my co-workers got married last week, another watches as her husband's band is doing well. If grief shared is grief lightened - is joy shared joy increased?  I think so. As the news goes grey and gloomy - I prefer to seek the joy in others lives to have that increase.  I wish everyone a bit of good news to hear today.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

The Rainbow Bridge

Tonight our family had to send one of our dear members over the "Rainbow Bridge"
Rambeau, our faithful Golden Retriever began to act strangely agitated this evening , panting and pacing while indoors, calm only outside.   The vet confirmed our worst fears, that this was a non recoverable cerebral event, so before Rambeau could suffer more, we sent him over.  It's a hard thing to do, but I know he was a great member of our family and always will be.
I will miss your muddy pawprints
Warm cuddles on cold nights
Sleeping with my babies when thunder filled the skies
greeting all who came to our door!
Rest Well

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Best Part of my day

yep, not the thank yous, not the times at work when all goes well, not anything I can think of thrills me as much as the wide eyed smiles of the 'kids' (of all ages) when my friends in the SW groups show up and costume. I was an assistant for our folks at a promo shoot for the upcoming museum exhibition and some of the staff mentioned that this was the best friday they'd had in a while. Someone mentioned that this had been a tense week and now everyone was in a good mood (Hey - WHO knew that DV could bring smiles) Even the weather was great yesterday at least no rain or snow and the sun was out. Back to work in a few hours, hope your day too is a great one, and you can make one folk smile!