Saturday, December 12, 2009

Cuddly Star

That's right - Cuddly Star - well if that isn't an impossible image, I mean a star is a hot ball of gas, far far away (Even some Hollywood - type stars would fill that bill) Ha Ha, that is my Christmas Name according to a website. I guess I would like to be a "Cuddly Star" someone who, even though gained some notoriety could be seen as approachable and friendly,maybe someone to have lunch with. Oprah - no, Mary Steenburgen Yes, Elizabeth Reaser & Meryl Streep - Yes, Sarah Jessica Parker would be a maybe. In the real world, Sarah Palin - yes, Hillary Clinton and Nancy Pelosi - no, But I'd like to think the lady who was and may still be in charge of HP would be a yes. My point in all this rambling is simple. There are two ways to get 'fame' it can be thrust upon you, like a lottery win or surviving an accident - or being discovered doing the wrong thing with the wrong person, etc - or you earn it via hard work, good works, talent, doing the right thing. The question then turns on your character - can you handle it with grace, can you smile at a reporter, thank them for their interest and let then know you are not going to grace that question with an answer. In the face of today's headlines, grace good humor and manners are in short supply. I like to live by the words of Mark Twain - "Love your enemies - it'll drive them crazy. Hope that helps when you get the one person you didn't want to get in the office/club exchange for the Holidays! Merry Christmas one and all and to all (no exceptions!) Good Night