Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Warm at last

Found myself sitting in the yard. watching the dogs play and enjoying the warmth of the sun, no jacket required - and that is saying something these days.  I find myself avoiding the news - no news is good news is actually TRUE in my world.  Every time I catch a headline or a scrap of a major newscast I think I am reading a book  - the trouble is I think we are all living in a world beyond our imaginations of just a few years ago.  I have my faith, so I am sure things are as they must be  - I can't imagine the greater purpose, I just try not to get too worked up over things I cannot change - and do what I can to keep things from getting so out of hand.  Watching my grandson play I realize I cannot just sit on the sidelines and wait for my chances at the polling place.  So, it's just a phone call or an email - I don't think the silent majority can just sit by.  I have been a few other places, and I don't want the USA to stop being the USA, but just another country, too self absorbed and lost to reach out for the best and brightest, for freedom to really exisist.  I don't want the liberty and opportunites for all our children, male and female to be compromised by one administration.  I promise I will get a post up on being a candidate.  In the litteral sense, time to stand up and get busy.  This is my country and I'd like to keep it the land of the free and the home of the brave!.  I am sure the hammock I was sitting in might not meet the "saftey standard"  but it was comfortable.  Smile - folks will wonder what you are thinking.
Until I post again