Thursday, November 11, 2010

Let's Hear it for the Boys and Girls

This takes me back, to a time and place where my husband and I found ourselves in service. We were newly minted married and newly minted members of the USAF. My brother would later serve in the US Navy. Back then, the feminine members of our armed forces hovered at 10 percent, today we approach 15 percent, and one of the delightful or thought provoking news items this year was an announcement that the BDU's the everyday uniform for service members was finally coming out with WOMEN'S SIZES - I don't have a lot of pictures of me in that outfit - Think greenish balloon. It's always better to feel professional in something that fits, without a couple of trips to a tailor! I know, I tried. The men and women of our armed forces are every day standing up, putting their lives on the line. They understand the concept of freedom better than anyone who has not served, because they surrender it completely for their training and induction into the service, and then they live under a much more severe code of conduct and justice for the duration of their military careers (Article 15? anyone) No service is perfect, no person is either, but the willingness to work towards that goal, to work together under the harsh conditions, strict rules and separation from friends and loved ones gives each and every present and former service member a core of strength our nation must not forget. Today our veterans get a few thanks from restaurants; consider adding yours as well. Any day you meet one, "Thank you for your service" might be the sweetest words he or she might hear all year.
In Honor of my Father, USMC, USAAC, ILNG
Semper Fi