Thursday, July 9, 2009

Bread, Circuses, Sound and Fury

Ah nothing like summertime to put our senses in a haze and have things slip through our fingers. So many pieces of my childhood are now gone, Ed McMahon, (Hi OOH) - that was my signal for lights out or else!, Farrah (yes, I had her hairdo in the 70's) and Michael Jackson ( I am old enough to remember watching the animated cartoon show of his family on Saturday mornings) I see the President is busy, all over Europe and making sure his family has a good time too. Minnesota got a new Senator, or at least one in name, since NY and CA money seemed to fund his campaign and that is where he was living over 90% of the time for the past 30+ years, while our dear sweet Congress wants to be sure we can't afford a TV and a computer on at the same time (Cap and Trade) Hey, it's nice outside - who is watching the news anyway (I'm guilty too, I just listen to the radio in my car) So hopefully all the fun and fest of summer won't completely blind us to the world around us. I feel fortunate, to have to be inside at work this year when so many folks found their employment had vanished almost overnight. This summer feels so different from last - edgy, as if we are all watching the big fireworks display, waiting for the dud to detonate on the ground - or make too big of a noise. So we enjoy the weather, eyes wary as if waiting for the big storm to break. Hopefully not for a while, hopefully we can all come through this and maybe remember what is truly important to us. What that IS is truly your choice. I keep thinking of Mother Theresa, her famous quote: " I know God will only give us what we can handle - I just wish he didn't trust me so much." I don't have any sage advice for days like these, just drink water, put on your sunscreen and have some fun. Where I am, summer is not a long term visitor, enjoy her presence right away - you never know when Autumn will invite herself in early