Tuesday, November 18, 2008


So, I'm finally on the road to really having all the tools for my job search ready to go.  It took a while to get over being stunned by my situation.  I am sure it is a more common affliction this fall than in the past few years.  The entire county is going throught some interesting times.  Guess I can too.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Well now what?

Early Wednesday morning and I'm still waiting to see who will be in the Senate from the state where I live, Minnesota - I guess I don't feel much like a Minnesotan tonight until I see who comes out on top.  We just elected a pro business mayor, and an anti business president - I don't see this working very well.  I'm really worried - Obama now needs to actually do something - and what he wants to do will change America - into another country.  Biden was right; I remember back in the 1980's shortly after Regan was elected - the old AP teletype machine was equipped with a bell, to note when something came in on "the wire" and needed our attention - one bell meant a scheduled report was in, three bells was breaking news - that night someone at AP leaned on the bell and didn't let up for at least 30 seconds - The hostages were being freed ASAP - because Tehran did not want to "test" our new President elect.  There are no more AP wire bells - and I don't think there will be time to ring them anyway.  I fear the next big strike is around the corner - and I do not think the president elect has the capacity to deal with it.  Biden was right, our main mass media is a JOKE.  Bette Davis had the right line for our situation.  "Buckle Up, it's going to be a bumpy night.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Back to the Future?

This weekend I went back to my Alma Matter - aka the U of MN for the 100th anniversary of the Mortuary Science program that is part of the Medical school.  It was good to take a step back and see where I started.  Met some more of the wonderful graduates and this years crop of students.  It's a good feeling to still feel that the "dismal profession" is my calling.  Now I just need a place to practice.  I just want to care for families the way I care for my own.

Friday, October 31, 2008

It's good to be back

Time really does fly - or at least pass when you do not have a computer at your disposal.  First the hard drive went on the fritz, then the trackpad and keyboard, and finally the motherboard began to behave erratically - giving me maybe 5 minutes on line every few days.... and it was summer and we got busy and......came October and one grim Wednesday, bam! I was a part of the statistics - now a seeker of a job, no longer employed.   That was also the day my sister-in-law called and asked if I would like to have her old mac, and voila! I am now back in the computing world...so much has happened - like getting a few ladies to vote FOR this November, like Sarah Palin, Barb Davis-White for congress, ect; the roller coaster known as our stock markets, and the "Being There" nature of our presidential race this election.  All I know is this is not the kind of discussion of the issues I want in my candidates.  Tonight is Halloween and I just want to see the kids on this American Tradition and eat a bit of candy....more later

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Grandma - with a kick

Now I am a Grandma! = that being said I have not put my hair into a bun or gotten a floral print dress, I did buy a stroller to keep at my place(Ok, the kids are living here while they finish school) but I have not checked my sensibilities at the door - if anything they are stronger now than before - I have two generations to be wary for; the condition of the Nation is not something I can ignore. We have kept rewarding behavior that is detrimental to our country and harmful to our citizens - we might call ourselves a nanny state but we are not a good nanny.  We were a nation of strong, free peoples, possessed of a sober mindset, anxious to engage our talents and work towards a better future for ourselves and our family.  Our priorities were in order - and being selfish and absolute personal freedom and happiness were not our paramount goal.  The "ME" generation shattered all that - tossing out lots of good habits with a few bad ones.  I am very tired of the whining that goes on  - in every facet of American life, a little griping about this and that, but everything is now a disaster, a federal case and no one stands up to do what is required of them by themselves, they wait the disaster declaration or the arrival of FEMA so they can complain more.  BUCK UP CITIZENS - each of us each day either makes this place a good one to be - or complains!
I am going to choose to see the best in my surroundings - and do my best to "tidy up" where I can.


Thursday, June 5, 2008

Bye Bye the slow boat.....

Once upon a time you could send things to friends around the world - if you had patience - for only a little $$ - that's gone and I am trying to see if there are any alternatives for our exchange student - HAHAHAH - I want to get some of his things headed home, but there does not seem to be a good way to do this....and now with the legislation in congress set to double the cost of just about everything (ie if energy goes up that high - everything but my salary will follow)  I see my world and my opportunities shrinking in possibilities.  I'd like someone to vote for.......

Oh well, at least it should hit 75 today!

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

When you wish upon a star - or work really hard.....

your dreams can come true.  I just learned that a friend of mine has received a book contract, so now I don't want to disturb the "working author"  I'm to the point in life where my daydreams are being changed and shaped.  I wouldn't mind being an "AUTHOR" but I know that I need a big visit from a muse, and here is quite enough for me at the moment.  Here on the home-front we just adjusted the living spaces to accommodate the newest arrival - my son's fiancee and soon my first grand-baby will arrive in July as long as all goes well.  That is just one of the moderators of my dreams.  I've tried not to be a parent living via my children, just seeing them have opportunities and chances.  Sometimes seeing your child achieve a dream is as big as your own dream - as long as it is wholly their dream.  One of my co-workers got married last week, another watches as her husband's band is doing well. If grief shared is grief lightened - is joy shared joy increased?  I think so. As the news goes grey and gloomy - I prefer to seek the joy in others lives to have that increase.  I wish everyone a bit of good news to hear today.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

The Rainbow Bridge

Tonight our family had to send one of our dear members over the "Rainbow Bridge"
Rambeau, our faithful Golden Retriever began to act strangely agitated this evening , panting and pacing while indoors, calm only outside.   The vet confirmed our worst fears, that this was a non recoverable cerebral event, so before Rambeau could suffer more, we sent him over.  It's a hard thing to do, but I know he was a great member of our family and always will be.
I will miss your muddy pawprints
Warm cuddles on cold nights
Sleeping with my babies when thunder filled the skies
greeting all who came to our door!
Rest Well

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Best Part of my day

yep, not the thank yous, not the times at work when all goes well, not anything I can think of thrills me as much as the wide eyed smiles of the 'kids' (of all ages) when my friends in the SW groups show up and costume. I was an assistant for our folks at a promo shoot for the upcoming museum exhibition and some of the staff mentioned that this was the best friday they'd had in a while. Someone mentioned that this had been a tense week and now everyone was in a good mood (Hey - WHO knew that DV could bring smiles) Even the weather was great yesterday at least no rain or snow and the sun was out. Back to work in a few hours, hope your day too is a great one, and you can make one folk smile!

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Travel Tips

I'm going to call this one - When ya gotta go - but not so much dough!
I found a great deal on Travelocity? - hey, who knew - The Hyatt Summerfield suites in Schaumburg IL had some iffy reviews - but they were months old and indicated the hotel was under renovations - well the work is done, the lobby is elegant, modern but not stiff - very comfy, great rooms, great breakfast and great customer service - a few minor glitches but in the end it saved me a little money - the in room remote wasn't 100% working so I couldn't buy a movie - Dang!  I'll stay here again with the kids or better yet, the hubby
More on adventures in Chicagoland later!
have a good Sunday

Monday, March 31, 2008

The nail that sticks up

The nail that sticks up...... how we end that sentence is one of the things that sets Americans apart from other places. In Japan, the answer to that statement is - "Must be hammered down." Fitting in and confirming is high on their list of cultural expectations. Here, we might say - makes a great place to hang a tool, or a picture or even your hat. It might make us ask - Why is that nail sticking up? do we need a repair? or is there a design flaw? - or whatever. Most of our ancestors were WAY out of the box thinkers, heck they hopped out of the box, over a big pond and many couldn't look back. That took a lot of determination. That took lots of courage, self reliance and acceptance that their actions would not fit into the usual definitions. What, you might ask; brought up this train of thought? - The events of last week at Forest Lake high school - or rather the lack of an event. When I read on the district website that the event was canceled over, and I will quote from the website "Despite what is being circulated via the Internet, local and national media, and even gossip around town, the real reason for the cancellation of this event came down to student safety and maintaining our educational mission." From the Forest Lake Schools website: http://www.forestlake.k12.mn.us/
Ok, student safety - In a country where demonstrators have near free reign to demonstrate as a right in our constitution, what does it say about us when the school is afraid for what might happen. On the point of our educational mission - when do you teach how this country works?, when and how to demonstrate? How to handle being a holder of a controversial, maybe even out of the box idea? No, those lessons were overlooked again, along with respect for those who answer the call and serve. Honor, duty, country - things bigger than the needs of one, who can serve to lift all, those are important lessons that seem to have lost their place in classrooms where zero tolerance means no right or wrong, just punish everyone in the hope that this will fix the situation. As a parent I realize that the lessons I taught and continue to teach will have to be reinforced at home. School isn't what it used to be, and that nail won't be used or investigated - now it will just be hammered down or covered up.
Just my .02

Friday, March 14, 2008

What a week

TIGF - only my F is really a saturday and I am glad to see this week end.  The former Gov. of NY did the right thing and stepped down.  'Nuff said.

Monday, March 10, 2008

What was he thinking?

It's a busy week and a busy day - but I still caught a few moments of one man's comments on the situation with the Gov. of NY - he (the man giving the comment) claimed he was a democrat and was "fine" with what the Gov. did.....oh but if his wife did it he would divorce her in a minute - HOLD on here - can it be true that it's ok to just break vows and laws? and think that it is just a private matter? This is a man who set out to be a LEADER of his state, and his own wife and kids can't trust his word? Doesn't anyone still think that their word is important - that when you make a promise - or put one hand on a Bible - or take an oath - your word is your bond, your honor. Where did that go, how did we get here? I'm praying for his wife and children, and for grace for the Gov. I've taken oaths, sworn testimony and I felt the power and the duty that I was bound to - a thing greater than myself. My faith and my family are both high callings in my eyes - and my public duties and oaths as well

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Please send some global warming

Nothing like a single digit morning in March - I've read the reports, seen the models and I think that there is a higher power than man holding the themostat for the planet.

Friday, March 7, 2008

My two credits......

From my photo you can see that I have a hobby. That's not why I am writing - I just want to have a place to speak my peace and maybe you'll agree - or not and that's fine. That is the point of America and freedom - with no offense taken - at least that is the America I grew up in. I finally started this blog after encountering the comments of Mrs. Obama on the subject of corporations. I can honestly say there are times I really like corporate America - when I have a migrane and - that big ol' drug corp. - came to my rescue like a Knight in white armor! Or where I work where the size of our operation allows me to offer some very nice services that would be pretty impossible without the back up that size offers. True, there are abuses - but there is no nirvana or perfect person on the entire globe - So, Mrs. Obama, we simply disagree. I respect your right to your opinion, I do hope you can offer the same.