Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Ah August, can the state fair be far away? So, I'm hearing all about the new Supreme Court Justice, and the health care plans and the cash for clunkers on the news, on the radio, on the Internet. The good part of the news - according to someone in the car business, the clunkers are UBER clunkers, really good to get them off the road, the bad news the program is a bureaucratic mess......none of my vehicles qualify anyway - and I don't usually buy brand new cars. As for the confirmation of the new justice - if a republican does vote for her, I wouldn't count on their re-election. Actions have consequences, no matter how hard science or government try to remove them, actions speak louder than words, but we seem to be able to ignore either fact when it suits the circumstance. I am just one voice, one consumer, one person who occasionally goes to a doctor - and I prefer that information to be secure, unshared unless I agree to it, with our decisions being just that, not via committee, official, administrator, etc etc etc....
I have to wonder for all the folks who voted for hope and change, if they realized what the change was that the administration is hoping to achieve.
I remember when I was growing up, I thought republican and radical were sort of the same thing - OK there weren't a lot of republicans in Chicago, still aren't. I can't be silent as I see my country on a path to a place the founding fathers were RUNNING and FIGHTING to be free of. I do not want a nanny or a parent or a czar making my life choices for me. I guess my childhood musings on radical and republican were simply ahead of their time.

I do hope for change
I hope my health insurance can be as competitive and consumer friendly as my auto insurance
I hope my health care will be as convenient as I need it to be, as private as I want it to be.
I hope to have good information to base my health care choices on.
I hope cap and trade once again means guys will trade their baseball caps.
I hope congress remembers that it is not their money they are spending is their children's
I hope they remember their people are not inside the beltway, but in their district.
Keep the change