Monday, May 25, 2009

Ah Summertime - Commencing on Decoration Day

For those of you who don't know what twilight - the book and or the movie - is, the title of the blog is a tip of the cap to the main male character - Edward.  I too think of myself as a twimom....but on this day, I recall the hard work and sacrifices made by all of our citizens who left the familiar comfort of their community and family and took the oath to defend Our Consitution - a group of ideas, not a king, or a place exactly - but the very idea that we are free, joined together in free choice and that this should not perish from the earth.  I was reading on the difficulties in protecting our American Flag from being used as one saw fit in protest (Stepping on, burning,....)  I recall being informed while in basic military training (USAF 1985-1988) that our flag is considered as one of us - the only object given "personhood" , that makes the free speech article hard to swallow ( we don't burn people, or stomp on them as a general rule)  Makes one think a bit....for me it makes it easier to defend, no King, no land, just people and the idea of freedom.
Thanks again to any and all who put up their hand and gave their promise.  God Bless you all

Wednesday, May 13, 2009


Monday, May 11, 2009

25 years and not one taken for granted

I've been working on a different post, but life has it's own rythym and God has his own plan....remember how to make him laugh?  Tell him YOUR plan.  Seriously it was glorious last week celebrating 25 official years of mostly bliss, worth every minute! of the ups and downs that make up a marriage.  This past week I have been reminded to seize each day - no gurantees as I was reminded in the work I do (Funeral Director) and my own dear husband, who is now in the hospital.  He's ok so far, but we will learn more today.  This might be oft repeated, but hug your kids and dear ones, let your parting words reflect your heart - not just the fleeting item of the moment..
Bless you all