Monday, March 31, 2008

The nail that sticks up

The nail that sticks up...... how we end that sentence is one of the things that sets Americans apart from other places. In Japan, the answer to that statement is - "Must be hammered down." Fitting in and confirming is high on their list of cultural expectations. Here, we might say - makes a great place to hang a tool, or a picture or even your hat. It might make us ask - Why is that nail sticking up? do we need a repair? or is there a design flaw? - or whatever. Most of our ancestors were WAY out of the box thinkers, heck they hopped out of the box, over a big pond and many couldn't look back. That took a lot of determination. That took lots of courage, self reliance and acceptance that their actions would not fit into the usual definitions. What, you might ask; brought up this train of thought? - The events of last week at Forest Lake high school - or rather the lack of an event. When I read on the district website that the event was canceled over, and I will quote from the website "Despite what is being circulated via the Internet, local and national media, and even gossip around town, the real reason for the cancellation of this event came down to student safety and maintaining our educational mission." From the Forest Lake Schools website:
Ok, student safety - In a country where demonstrators have near free reign to demonstrate as a right in our constitution, what does it say about us when the school is afraid for what might happen. On the point of our educational mission - when do you teach how this country works?, when and how to demonstrate? How to handle being a holder of a controversial, maybe even out of the box idea? No, those lessons were overlooked again, along with respect for those who answer the call and serve. Honor, duty, country - things bigger than the needs of one, who can serve to lift all, those are important lessons that seem to have lost their place in classrooms where zero tolerance means no right or wrong, just punish everyone in the hope that this will fix the situation. As a parent I realize that the lessons I taught and continue to teach will have to be reinforced at home. School isn't what it used to be, and that nail won't be used or investigated - now it will just be hammered down or covered up.
Just my .02

Friday, March 14, 2008

What a week

TIGF - only my F is really a saturday and I am glad to see this week end.  The former Gov. of NY did the right thing and stepped down.  'Nuff said.

Monday, March 10, 2008

What was he thinking?

It's a busy week and a busy day - but I still caught a few moments of one man's comments on the situation with the Gov. of NY - he (the man giving the comment) claimed he was a democrat and was "fine" with what the Gov. did.....oh but if his wife did it he would divorce her in a minute - HOLD on here - can it be true that it's ok to just break vows and laws? and think that it is just a private matter? This is a man who set out to be a LEADER of his state, and his own wife and kids can't trust his word? Doesn't anyone still think that their word is important - that when you make a promise - or put one hand on a Bible - or take an oath - your word is your bond, your honor. Where did that go, how did we get here? I'm praying for his wife and children, and for grace for the Gov. I've taken oaths, sworn testimony and I felt the power and the duty that I was bound to - a thing greater than myself. My faith and my family are both high callings in my eyes - and my public duties and oaths as well

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Please send some global warming

Nothing like a single digit morning in March - I've read the reports, seen the models and I think that there is a higher power than man holding the themostat for the planet.

Friday, March 7, 2008

My two credits......

From my photo you can see that I have a hobby. That's not why I am writing - I just want to have a place to speak my peace and maybe you'll agree - or not and that's fine. That is the point of America and freedom - with no offense taken - at least that is the America I grew up in. I finally started this blog after encountering the comments of Mrs. Obama on the subject of corporations. I can honestly say there are times I really like corporate America - when I have a migrane and - that big ol' drug corp. - came to my rescue like a Knight in white armor! Or where I work where the size of our operation allows me to offer some very nice services that would be pretty impossible without the back up that size offers. True, there are abuses - but there is no nirvana or perfect person on the entire globe - So, Mrs. Obama, we simply disagree. I respect your right to your opinion, I do hope you can offer the same.