Monday, November 14, 2011

Is there no understanding in the space we call the web, that for some of us, there is a business space and there is a friend and family space?  I am not saying if you post something you wouldn't put on an interstate billboard, you should be conceded, but silly family and friend photographs belong on a Facebook page, as much as they belong in my family room.  So, I am posting on Facebook and here, on this blog that this is the same as my home - NOT my office.  That is a different place in cyberspace, just as it is in the physical world.  If you are here, if you are on my Facebook page, please understand, you are in my family room.  Sometimes it's a little messy with projects and family life.  It is not a grey and black, button down blouse/shirt and tie sort of place.  If that is a problem, sorry.  You are my guest and I will be hospitable, but in my family room, not stuffy.
That's for the office or the formal living room, if I even have one in my next home.

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