Monday, December 26, 2011

Post Noel and Boxing Day musings

Merry Christmas. In some places the 26th is Boxing Day. Here I'm calling it TG no more Carpenters on the radio day. I cannot fathom playing the same songs to the point beyond saturation but for me if I never hear them again I will be fine with that. Too much of any one thing breeds contempt. This year there were the almost sadly traditional scenes of Zealous shoppers getting into trouble over the it item for the year. As if that were the point. This year our family was far away and only vis the genius of Steve Jobs were we able to see and hear some of the morning excitement. When technology brings us close and eases the sting that the miles bring on a holiday you can believe its all a part of Gods plan. I don't think he was too excited by the pepper spray in line for the gadgets but we are all fallen short of the glory of God here. Will any of the excitement and joy of the day, the peace of a sleeping and waiting house or the love and warmth given via the scents of food prepared with love hold much into the new year? I can only send that hope to everyone else. If only a flicker of it sits inside each heart there will be a little more light in the cool hard start of another year. God Bless us, every one, no exceptions.

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